Hair Design

Unleash the prowess of your personality.

If you’re looking to start a new chapter in your life, improve your image or just let loose, Golden Touch’s exquisite hair design solutions can make it happen.

hair design
From perfectly-cultivated hair styles to permanent flair or a streak of colour, we have it here for you and all within a reasonable price. When you’re session is done you’ll be able to walk away feeling more confident, attractive and loving your life.
Yorkville’s finest hair design solutions to bring out your best.

We offer:

Hair Design: Feel like you’re walking the red carpet with our hair craft. If you want to look and feel like a brand new person that everyone around you envies, let our renowned hair design solutions bring out the person you wish to be. Service is open to women, men and children across all ages, styles and preferences.

Colouring: Add flair to your hair. Turn dull, monochrome hair into one that’s rich with colour that would make peacocks jealous. Luscious hues will bring out the best of your personality. Our product lines are gentle on your hair and safe for the environment.

Highlights: Hair doesn’t have to be dull. For individuals who are content with their natural colour but would like to liven it up, highlights are the way to experiment and see that maybe you’re better off with another colour. Make your friends, family and coworkers do a double take to see if it’s really you strutting around confidently with that new colour.

Perms: Leave your home without dreading the weather outside. Embrace perms that don’t unravel the moment your hair gets wet, undoing minutes—if not hours—of work. Our perms ensure that your hair stays straight and your curls don’t unfurl. Feel confident that whatever you walk in with won’t be there the moment you step outside in inconsequential circumstances. Get sleek waves, full-on curls or flawlessly straight hair that won’t disappoint.

Keratin: Extend the life and health of your hair. Keratin is a mineral wash added to your hair to strengthen its body, improve texture and reduce the oily appearance, and it lasts as long as you wish it to. Your hair will look more radiant and feel great.

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