Month: May 2016

Beyond Beauty

What is beauty? Is it what we see on the surface, or is it what truly lies inside? That question has been asked for millennia and many are still unsure of the answer. Whatever that is, there’s no doubt that we all strive to be beautiful one way or another. Some prefer to lather up […]

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Beauty Unleashed – Unleash Your Inner God(dess)

Unleash your inner god(dess) Do you ever wish you could be as gorgeous as those celebrities in Hollywood, mimic the look and style of those on the catwalk? Or you dream of being able to get more than a quick glance when out on the town. Or maybe you’re simply looking for a few tips […]

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It’s Time to Start Feeling Beautiful

Welcome to our new look! Yorkville’s finest hair design and cosmetic laser services just got a lot more elegant. Golden Touch has launched a newer website that brings you a much wider variety of pages with juicy content that enable you to amplify your own look and discover how to live your life in a […]

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