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Beyond Beauty - Liberty or Limits?

Beyond Beauty – Liberty or Limits?

With it being 2017, you’d think a person’s race or ethnicity wouldn’t be a factor in (American) society. Turns out it still does, and it’s not going away any time soon. In this day and age it’s still surprising to see people make such a huge fuss about race and skin colour. I’m particularly taken […]

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Beauty Unleashed - Boho Summer Style 2017

Beauty Unleashed – Summer Style 2017

Summer is about flaunting yourself in vibrant colours along with a style to complement your personality. This article takes a look at my impressions for what could be your own unique style for the 2017 summer season including Boho style clothing. You’ve seen articles online pushing specific colours and styles for the summer, often at […]

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Be Red Carpet Ready for TIFF

The stars are in town. Why not make it so that people think you’re the star of a film debut? It’s that time of year again that gets people excited to see September. No, not the start of school, but rather the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The Toronto International Film Festival is now among […]

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It’s Time to Start Feeling Beautiful

Welcome to our new look! Yorkville’s finest hair design and cosmetic laser services just got a lot more elegant. Golden Touch has launched a newer website that brings you a much wider variety of pages with juicy content that enable you to amplify your own look and discover how to live your life in a […]

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