Month: June 2017

Beauty Unleashed - Boho Summer Style 2017

Beauty Unleashed – Summer Style 2017

Summer is about flaunting yourself in vibrant colours along with a style to complement your personality. This article takes a look at my impressions for what could be your own unique style for the 2017 summer season including Boho style clothing. You’ve seen articles online pushing specific colours and styles for the summer, often at […]

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Cosmetic laser deals from Golden Touch

Sizzlin’ Summer Deals at Golden Touch

We couldn’t be happier that the dreary, yet moderately mild, winter has gone and made way for a gorgeous summer. The spring wasn’t so bad either. But what couldn’t be better than to celebrate the summer with super-hot deals through Golden Touch Medispa? Our advertising partners at Loonie Coupons have put together this scrumptious cosmetic […]

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Beyond Beauty – The Depth of Confidence

Beauty is skin deep, but confidence penetrates to the heart. Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last wrote a post. A lot has happened in my life lately, but that’s for another time. The purpose of my posts centres around the dynamics of confidence and society’s unfettered obsession with appearance and beauty, largely […]

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