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Beyond Beauty - Liberty or Limits?

Beyond Beauty – Liberty or Limits?

With it being 2017, you’d think a person’s race or ethnicity wouldn’t be a factor in (American) society. Turns out it still does, and it’s not going away any time soon. In this day and age it’s still surprising to see people make such a huge fuss about race and skin colour. I’m particularly taken […]

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The best kind of beautiful is being yourself.

Beyond Beauty – The Best Kind of Beautiful

What’s the best way to look beautiful? Just be you. That’s all you can ask for. Hands up anyone if you were bullied as a child? Yes, yes. I see a lot of hands. And I bet it was all because you acted or looked different than your peers in school? I’m seeing a lot […]

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Beyond Beauty – The Depth of Confidence

Beauty is skin deep, but confidence penetrates to the heart. Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last wrote a post. A lot has happened in my life lately, but that’s for another time. The purpose of my posts centres around the dynamics of confidence and society’s unfettered obsession with appearance and beauty, largely […]

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For the Love of NLAL: A Love Story of Near Laser Assisted Lipolysis

Beyond Beauty – For the Love of NLAL

NLAL Lipo, or Near Laser Assisted Lipolysis, is a revolutionary way to initiate safe weight loss. Golden Touch’s acquisition of this equipment makes it such a fine way to do so and in the comfort of a friendly and non-judgemental environment, and Sean is about to tell you of his adventures with it. I have […]

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Photographers take pictures on the red carpet of the famous pers

Beyond Beauty – The Subterfuge of Celebrity

Advertisement by Chitika Chances are that, if you’re reading this, you’ve seen at least one film in your life. If you haven’t, then where the hell have you been? And why am I bringing this up? Film is so powerful that no matter where you turn, someone somewhere is donning an image of a movie […]

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Beyond Beauty – This Dad Nailed It

My daughter was sick in early March. That morning, she said she wanted to do something. So I painted her toenails. Sometimes you just have to give it your best even if you don’t know a thing about what you’re about to do. I’m a dad to an extremely beautiful and wonderful almost-4-year-old girl. Yes, […]

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Beyond Beauty

What is beauty? Is it what we see on the surface, or is it what truly lies inside? That question has been asked for millennia and many are still unsure of the answer. Whatever that is, there’s no doubt that we all strive to be beautiful one way or another. Some prefer to lather up […]

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