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Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell, CHRL
Business Advisor, Branding & Operations

NLAL Lipo, or Near Laser Assisted Lipolysis, is a revolutionary way to initiate safe weight loss. Golden Touch’s acquisition of this equipment makes it such a fine way to do so and in the comfort of a friendly and non-judgemental environment, and Sean is about to tell you of his adventures with it.

I have a new love.

It’s called NLAL.

Whenever a business acquires new equipment, especially if it’s being offered as a service, it’s normal for staff to have first dibs at it so they’re familiar with its functionality and can also demonstrate results should any curious customer inquire.

Fortunately, I’ve taken it upon myself to try out our NLAL, or Near Laser Assisted Lipolysis, equipment, so I’m now in the position to tell you about my undying affection for this stellar weight loss machinery.

At first glance it looks like a heart monitor machine, minus the anxiety that comes with heart monitoring machines. It sits nicely on a wheeled tray, and its eight diodes sitting comfortably next to it. All of them look like rectangular half-a-centimetre-thick piece of white plastic with what look to be green fragments of someone’s old 90’s computer motherboard. But that’s nothing to be worried about.

You know what, calling it NLAL sounds boring. Since I love this thing so much, I think that I will call it Nelly just to give it a bit of character. Yes, I like that.

Continuing on, the machine and its pedestal rest against a violet-coloured wall with a vertical rectangular window that looks out into the alley beside us. But there will not be any peeping from onlookers in the building next door, for the white blinds are turned in such a way that no one above can look down on your content body as the soft lasers do their business inside, eliciting a soft, ambient glow

The machine more or less looks harmless, despite the amount of power it holds within each of its nodes.

I got a friendly yet ecstatic phone call from Cathy a day or two after she acquired the machine, urging me to come down to test it so we can promote it to our customers. Of course I took the offer to go down. Who wouldn’t want a test run with some fancy weight loss machinery? I finished my cookie and went to go see her.

The cool and calm room gives an ambient feel, amplifying the experience of body therapy.
The cool and calm room gives an ambient feel, amplifying the experience of body therapy.

I wandered into the medispa at 1240 Bay Street near the heart of Yorkville one fine day and Cathy greeted me as she usually does in her friendly demeanour. She guides me to the room where the procedure is done, and instructs me to remove my upper body clothing and proceeds to take loose measurements. She issues for me to lay down on my back on an elevated doctor’s bed that’s a good 4 feet off the floor and proceeds to take Nelly’s eight diodes and places them strategically across my midsection, the part that I deemed the most worth to receive the coveted laser work.

Cathy motions for me to lay quietly and take a deep breath, reassuring me that I won’t feel a thing once it’s turned on.

Cathy steps over to the trolley shelf-thing where Nelly’s rather time-trapped coloured body sits. (Yes, it looks like it came from the 70s with its unique pea soup colour. But that shouldn’t detract from the quality of the machine).

She turns a few knobs and then sets the timer to 35 minutes, giving me enough time to sit there and relax while it does its work. Before the machine starts I’m given a pair of dark glasses to shield my eyes from any beam that may sneak out the side of the nodes once they’re functioning.

I put them on. Luckily I brought my iPod with me and turn on some soothing tunes to help me pass the time while the process is occurring. The machine starts up and I can see the red lasers become more luminescent as they increase in power, yet I feel nothing. That’s the beauty of this equipment: although it’s a laser, it’s at such a low frequency that it leaves no sensation or mark on your skin or damage to nerves.

Cathy turns off the lights and closes the door. The room is rather dim; I prefer the lights to be off and let the natural daylight be the source of light in the room. It gives off an ambient feel to it. The violet colour of the walls makes it an incredibly relaxing affair. The machine makes a soft whirring sound, so it drowns out any foreign noise that may drift in from the other patrons or professionals who share our floor.

By the time the timer is up I’m in a near slumber, so I suddenly jolt awake when Cathy gently comes in and flicks on the light to let me know it’s done. She measures me and indicates I had lost about a full centimetre within the 35 minutes of the procedure.

Amused and feeling somewhat confident (ok, a lot confident!) I get dressed and realize that this equipment is utterly astounding. People will absolutely love how easy it is to lose weight without resorting to ineffective dieting schemes or intense exercise runs.

More effective than VersaSlim, the beautiful thing about the NLAL is that it works really fast. When you have eight nodes working their magic all at once, it’s no surprise that you’d expect to witness some changes right from the get-go. I’ve used it and the experience has been great.

I have lost about a good inch in all, but I haven’t really gone that often or as frequently as I’d like to, so my results are somewhat subpar. Keep in mind that I get it done maybe once every three weeks if not longer. For optimal results you have to go at least twice a week if not more at 30 minutes minimum per session.

What’s neat about it is that you can actually target the areas where you want the fat loss to take place. If you want it by your thighs, the diodes can be placed there. Maybe you want a combination of the upper legs and abdomen. That can be done too. It’s a very flexible service and can net you big results the more you use it.

Residual Fat Burning

Even when you’re done with the laser session itself, it still keeps working on your body long after the laser stops beaming. Almost like exercising without moving a muscle, the fat continues to be released into the bloodstream after for a few hours.

No Markings or Tissue Damage

Another benefit is that there’re no markings on the skin or damage to tissue or blood cells. It’s a low enough frequency that all it does is cause cells in your bloodstream to become supple enough to release the fat content so that it passes through your body without absorption into the blood again.

I love the NLAL equipment and certainly will be returning for more frequent sessions. I certainly recommend you do the same.
Golden Touch sometimes has deals on some well-known deal sites for laser lipo services. If you’re cautious about it, then by all means buy a voucher that gives you a few sessions at a reduced rate to ensure this is right for you.

I know it’s right for me. Come give it a try. If after a few sessions your friends say you don’t look the same as you used to, tell them thank you.

Sean Mitchell, CHRL, is a business advisor of branding and operations at Golden Touch Medispa and author of Beyond Beauty, a blog on his adventures about self-discovery and amplifying one’s own inner beauty. Follow him on Twitter at @RealSeanatello

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