Introduction to NLAZER

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You’ve probably heard about laser lipo. If not, it’s quite a revolutionary step in attaining targeted weight loss on your body.

Golden Touch Medispa is proud to announce the acquisition of the NLAZER machine. Using NLAL technology—Near Laser Assisted Lipolysis—this technology uses the power of cold lasers to make fat cells shrink and obtain targeted fat removal on the body. It’s a non-invasive, non-surgical method to help you reduce body fat in unwanted areas.

How it works

Because exercise doesn’t let you spot reduce fat on your body, it’s difficult to target specific areas on your body simply by exercising or via NLAL uses cold lasers, or low frequency lasers, that target fat cells.

Eight rectangular panels are placed upon the desired area of the body and are strapped with a relaxed elastic vinyl strap. The laser causes the cell walls to become supple, after which the cell releases the fat into the blood stream and lets it pass through the body.

Even after the session is done, the energy from the laser continues to make the cells release fat into the blood stream for at least a few hours.

The laser is low frequency, therefore does not cause tissue, nerve or cell damage.

Recommended treatment period

For optimal results, it’s best to have multiple sessions spaced out every few days at 30-45 minutes per session.

Maintain a good diet and endeavour in regular light cardio exercise. This will enable the laser’s energy to work after the laser is used. Of course, the more you do it the better and quicker the results.

Doctors are using it to treat people experiencing weight problems, muscle aches, and even repair nerves.


Why you should do it

NLAL provides you with a safe and effective way to achieve targeted fat removal on your body. You no longer have to spend copious amounts of money on diet plans or specialty foods. NLAL and the NLAZER machine regenerates your body’s fat-burning capabilities and lets you choose which areas you want for fat reduction.

It’s a new lifestyle regime that has long-term benefits to your health and body.

Call today to book your no-obligation appointment now as time slots fill fast. Please contact Sean at (416) 562-7123 to get started.

Advertisement by Chitika

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