Permanent Make-Up

Does applying the same make-up day-in, day-out get bothersome? Ever wish you could have make-up that doesn’t need to be applied daily? Your wish has come true: Golden Touch can help you save precious time and money with permanent make-up.

Cosmetic Tattoos (permanent make-up)
Eliminate daily make-up application with cosmetic tattoos that stay vibrant 24/7.

Permanent make-up—or cosmetic tattoos—is make-up that’s infused into the thin layers of your skin (like a tattoo) to give you a bright, vibrant colour all the time.This lets you save valuable time and money by not needing to repurchase or reapply make-up on a regular basis while constantly looking your best.

Our cosmetic tattoos are applied in a sanitary and clean environment with little discomfort. Get vibrant, colourful make-up on your:

– Eyebrows
– Eyeliner
– Whole eye
– Lips

Cosmetic tattoos last as long as you want them to and you save time, money and frustration without having to constantly purchase and apply make-up.

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