If you want a safe and easy way to get targeted fat removal, the NLAZER is Toronto’s first and finest laser lipo technology that can make it happen.

NLAZER uses NLAL laser technology, or Near Lazer Assisted Lipolysis, to enable the targeted removal of fat from your body. It’s a completely non-invasive, non-surgical method to increase fat-burning capabilities in your body without adhering to a string diet or exercise regime.

Unlike VersaSlim, NLAZER uses eight panels instead of four for greater and faster impact, and lets you cover more body space for extra fat-burning capabilities.

The panels emit a soft laser that targets fat in blood cells. The laser causes the cells to become loose, eventually weakening the cell wall to release the fat into the blood stream, where it passes through without re-absorption.

The NLAZER NLAL lipo system causes no damage to cells, tissue, or nerves and is a completely safe and quick method for fat removal.

For optimized results, it’s recommended to have at least a 30 minute session once per week and to no more than two 30-minute sessions per week. Clients have been known to lose up to an inch (or more) in their first session*. With the NLAZER, it means:

  • No more frustrating diets
  • Maintaining healthy weight levels once the treatment is complete
  • The laser’s effects continue to burn fat after each treatment for optimal results
  • A perfectly shaped body just in time for the summer months
  • No more fear or shame!
  • Increased confidence.

We all want to have a great looking body and wear it without any shame. The NLAZER NLAL system helps you to achieve these goals without any painful surgery or invasive methods. It’s completely safe and effective and you can see results almost instantly after your first session.

Come try it today. It’s a revolutionary way to achieve the body results you’ve been striving for.

Call or email us right now to book your no-obligation appointment today.

*Results may vary.