Cosmetic Laser

Cosmetic laser is a revolutionary method to get slim and improve body health without resorting to medication or supplements, or to get smooth, hairless skin without wasting money on grooming products.

Golden Touch Medispa offers Toronto’s finest cosmetic laser services to serve all body image types and goals. We have the right laser technology and training expertise to help you feel great with the body and image you desire again that’s safe and cost-effective with long-term results.

We offer three laser products to help you become more physically fit and healthy. Get smooth, flawless skin and the body shape you’ve dreamed about.

Laser Hair RemovalLightSheer Laser Hair Removal System: The LightSheer Laser Hair Removal System will revolutionize the way you remove body hair. This FDA- and HealthCanada-recognized laser hair removal system is a safe and non-invasive method for permanently removing unsightly hair from your body. It gives you smooth, gleaming skin while saving you money by not having to invest in costly grooming products that leave your skin dry, scratched or areas unevenly trimmed.

VersaSlim Laser Liposuction: Smile every time you look in the mirror. A non-invasive method, the VersaSlim laser lipo system encourages fat-burning capabilities in your body and eliminates bad bacteria. You’ll notice results almost instantly with this cold laser fat-melting process as your body tightens and casts off unused fat with no harm to your nerve system, blood stream or tissue.

Beautiful bodyNLAZER: Near-Laser Assisted Lipolysis (NLAL) is a non-invasive, non-surgical method for stimulating fat burning capabilities in your body. The laser penetrates your blood cells, making them supple and causing the fat to be released right into the blood stream, allowing it to pass without re-absorption. You’ll notice results right away.

Cosmetic laser is a safe and effective way to get the body you desire. It’s quick, easy, and doesn’t leave any noticeable marks anywhere on your body as long as post-procedure treatment is followed. You’ll have a slim body with flawless-looking skin.

Come in as you are. Leave a brand new person.

Call or email us right now to book your no-obligation appointment today (416) 508-4243.

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